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A Groundbreaking Approach to Construction Management
Secret Weapon for Planning: Location Based Scheduling

Client satisfaction in focus for large Contractor

Adserballe & Knudsen has taken a revolutionary approach to their latest renovation project with Boligselskabet Sjælland as the client. The Ringparken social housing project in Roskilde, consisting of 600 units across 24 blocks, is undergoing a transformation in three phases. Approximately half of the residents are relocated during phases 2 and 3. To optimize project management and enhance communication, Adserballe & Knudsen has integrated Tactplan Control, an app for real-time scheduling, into the process. Their new Secret Weapon for Planning: Location Based Scheduling.

Revolutionizing Construction Project Management

Tactplan Control has quickly become a cornerstone in the project, fostering the exchange of crucial information, according to Jakob Hemmingsen, project manager at Adserballe & Knudsen. All involved parties have access to the project’s schedule and progress, creating an environment of complete transparency.

Tailored Information Transfer

The app’s filtering capability is a significant strength, allowing customized information transfer to specific stakeholders. This benefits subcontractors, who can access a filtered schedule and delivery overview, and especially the client, who can filter information to relay to residents.

Enhanced Client Control and Resident Satisfaction

The client’s resident coordinator can extract information directly from the app regarding when windows in specific units will be replaced or when certain residents need temporary relocation. Malene Madrid Poulsen, Project Manager in construction at Boligselskabet Sjælland, stays updated on actual progress and can proactively communicate changes to residents.

For resident inquiries, Malene can log into the app and respond instantly, not only boosting communication efficiency but also ensuring resident satisfaction and comfort throughout the renovation process.

Effective Supervision and Cost Savings

The client’s construction manager also utilizes the app. With access to critical progress data, he can create a foundation for precise supervision planning. For example, the construction manager can inform the supervision team about exact times for inspections in specific units or areas. More efficient and accurate supervision processes provide the potential for cost savings.

Client and Contractor get Schedule Updates Simultaneously

 “The schedule management through Tactplan Control and the insights we gain from the app make us as a client more independent in terms of supervision planning, but also in terms of resident responses. It supports and eases the collaboration between us and the contractor, as we can refer to and see into the same system. We don’t risk looking into different and mismatched schedules, but for everyone’s benefit, we receive any updates simultaneously.” Malene Madrid Poulsen, Project Manager Construction, Boligselskabet Sjælland

The Future of Renovation Projects

By implementing a digital platform, contractors have showcased how modern technology can revolutionize project management and enhance the client experience. Experiences from this project indicate the potential to optimize future renovation projects by integrating digital tools like Tactplan Control to meet client needs and satisfaction.

Continued Success with the App

“The client has expressed great satisfaction with the increased transparency and the ability for quick and accurate communication. The app continues to function as a central source of information, facilitating coordination among contractors, subcontractors, and clients. We look forward to monitoring the progress of this groundbreaking project and the exciting possibilities that Tactplan Control and similar technologies bring to the construction industry. The construction industry is evolving, and location-based scheduling is just one example of how innovation can deliver better results for all involved parties.”

  • Jakob Hemmingsen, Project Manager, Adserballe & Knudsen A/S

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