Business Intelligence

Tactplan Control is a business intelligence setup gives a quick and visual overview of building activities. 

Better overview of building activities:
Visualization of data with Tactplan Cloud Platform

Overview of time and economy with Tactplan dashboard

Tactplan Control is a business intelligence setup and implemented on multiple large-scale projects with positive results. We want to share these results on this site and inspire with examples of how essential players have implemented business intelligence and big data to project and risk management.

Our customers are among the largest and most influential entrepreneurs and builders. Read cases and customer opinions here.

Dashboard Business Intelligence Tactplan

To respond to the risks in the building process, Tactplan Control is set up for continuous calculation and reporting of earned value and analysis (S-curves) of conducted work compared to the plan.

This is done by integrating the verified amounts from the building models with the bill of quantities and a Location-based Schedule. The building management or the entrepreneurs register the progress in a simple app. All data is gathered and visualized in Business Intelligence Dashboards, updated daily or weekly. Deviations are identified and rectified before they cause additional costs. The same platform is used to control and managing on account invoicing.

Tactplan Control Overview

Overview of your data with Tactplan Control

We have developed a Business Intelligence solution for the building, construction, and energy sectors. In the construction sector, Business Intelligence can gather and visualize data about a construction project’s cash flow, invoicing, security, and soundness.

Tactplan Control. Nothing complicated about this.

Our solution is a tool with adapted dashboards. Just like the dashboard in a car, which shows you how fast you are going, how far you have gone, how much petrol is left in the tank, etc.

Overview of progress with the Tactplan Mobile

Tactplan offers a customized mobile application solution that primarily aims to register and visualize progress for activities on the project locations. Tactplan Control can be used with the planning programs Schedule Planner Standard and Microsoft Project.

The parties of the construction process can furthermore register impediments and communicate through text and pictures. Likewise, the flow of information comprising these comments or updates regarding the state of an activity can be tracked in a “building feed” showing the latest changes or current impediments.

In short, the project acquires an app that can do precisely what the building management wants without unnecessary functions and confusing options. Simple and effective.

Comprehensive documentation

Similarly, Tactplans Dashboard shows a snapshot of the state of your construction project. Simultaneously you will receive comprehensive documentation regarding work that has been carried out as well as forecasts of the future development of the construction. Through these dashboards, you can quickly acquire a complete overview of the progress as a building owner or principal contractor.

All you need is a tablet, PC, or smartphone.

We set up the dashboards according to your needs and use the Microsoft program Power BI, ensuring a reliable solution. The dashboards utilize analyses from the Tactplan Schedule.

You can read more about our dashboards and the different functions on this site.

Please take a look around!

Time Management

Your project schedule may be ever so detailed and optimized. However, it is only worth a little if you do not follow up on it.

At Tactplan, we believe there is a difference between planning and time management. Whereas planning involves creating detailed schedules which make the most of the construction site – e.g., an optimized location-based schedule – time management means following up on your progress. For instance, do you meet your deadlines?

Tactplan Control gives you a quick and visual overview of how things are going. Because when we follow up on progress per activity per location, it becomes much easier to spot challenges and make adjustments in time. This way, we minimize the risk that a problem will delay the whole activity and, perhaps, the entire construction.

Read the progress “live” at construction meetings


Tactplan Control gives you a quick and visual overview of the state of your schedule and progress. Then you can save time at meetings where you can concentrate on other essential things because you already have control over how far you are with the construction.

The BI dashboards let you keep track of the following:

  • Day-to-day progress of the construction project compared to the plan
  • Which locations are on time, behind, or ahead of schedule
  • Where each subcontractor should be working at a given time

What is unique about our BI solution for construction is that our analyses automatically combine time and finances. This gives you an overview of your project’s finances over time, not just an illegible spreadsheet with red text everywhere. So, check out our dashboard solutions for financial management.

On this page, you get a brief introduction to each of the dashboard views that help you with time management.
Please get in touch if you want to know more.

Project Overview – Time Management


The Project Overview dashboard briefly overviews the project’s most essential KPIs. Here you can see a graph of construction progress over time about the planned construction progress.

Documentation and Overview


The dashboard offers robust visual analytics and makes intuitive sense to most people. It makes it easier to discuss the building process in meetings when everyone is on the same page.

Keep track of:

  • the progress (%) of each activity
  • the overall progress (%) based on location
  • a visualization of the level of completion of each activity
  • a status report on project finances – how much of the budget has been spent at a given time?
  • forecasts for progress and finances – will you make it on time and budget?

Most noteworthy, the date filter enables you to scroll through time. In this way, our BI dashboards also function as documentation of the construction process. For instance: Unsure about exactly what caused a specific delay? Easily spot its cause by rewinding your project data to the onset of the delay.

Progress Matrix

The dashboard view ‘Progress Matrix’ shows you a table of activities based on location. The color-coding lets you know if that specific activity in that location is either ‘on-time,’ ‘In progress, delayed,’ or ‘not in progress, delayed.’

You decide how to filter the views by location, activity, discipline, or time.

Gantt- and Location-based Scheduling

With our BI-dashboards, you can quickly and easily communicate the current plan to all your partners. If changes are made to the schedule, this will be displayed on the dashboards, and you will always have access to the most recent information.

The dashboards may be accessed by tablet or smartphone, so you don’t have to carry large, unwieldy print-outs on the construction site.

Effortless communication of the schedule

We have included a toggle between the Gantt schedule and Flowline to facilitate time management and effortless communication of the Gantt schedule and Flowline.  Almost all people have different preferences for how they like to read their programs. With the toggle, this is no longer a problem.

To sum up, having the location-based schedule close at hand makes it easier to discuss changes to the plan and gauge the probable consequences.

You can also connect your schedule from Tactplan Schedule to Tactplan Control.

On-site Progress Reporting

To use our dashboards to manage your construction project effectively, you need continuous updates on progress.

To this end, we developed the app Tactplan Mobile, which enables on-site progress reporting.

Please read all about our app for on-site progress here!