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Quick and visual overview of progress with Construction Management

Quick and visual overview of progress

The Tactplan Control module in Tactplan provides a live progress overview, allowing you to monitor your construction project in detail from your computer or tablet. This lets you focus on the essentials, as you always have a precise overview of the construction status.

With Tactplan Control, you can track the following key elements:

  • The daily progress of the construction about the planned schedule, ensuring you have constant visibility of whether you are on track
  • Accurate information on which locations are behind or on schedule, enabling quick identification and handling of potential issues
  • An overview of where individual contractors need to work at different times, allowing you to coordinate and allocate resources efficiently

By utilizing Tactplan Control, you achieve more efficient production control and Location-based planning. This reduces the risk of delays to the entire project and potential cascading delays in the construction process. With the quick and visual overview offered by the Tactplan Control module, you can address issues promptly and ensure the project runs smoothly. This contributes to tremendous success and satisfaction in your construction projects.

Furthermore, Tactplan Mobile ensures on-site progress reporting to manage your construction project effectively with continuous updates on progress.

Important features in Tactplan Control

Role Management subcontractors consultants clients

Role Management

Tactplan Control makes sharing schedules with subcontractors, consultants, and clients easy while managing all rights regarding who can access specific information. For instance, it ensures that only the owner or general contractor can approve progress data and allows sub-contractors to input progress on the project.

Furthermore, it enables precise control over which schedule viewer each party can see. For instance, subcontractors can only add progress to their own work schedule and see a dynamic 5-week plan for coordinating all activities. This ensures that all involved parties only see relevant data tailored to their needs, eliminating wasted time navigating through irrelevant information.

Color-coding of schedules according to progress

The more complex a schedule is, the more difficult it can be to assess its progress accurately. This is where color coding comes into play. Color coding is something we use extensively, making it easy to track the progress of your construction project.

Using the classic Green-Yellow-Red scale makes it apparent whether project activities are completed, delayed, or not even started when they should have been. These recognizable codes enable you as a user to identify risks early on and allow you to act before a delay becomes unmanageable.

Color Coding Progress tracking Construction project
Satus Matrix Production Control

Status Matrix

The Status Matrix will undoubtedly become your new favorite tool if you constantly seek precise oversight and control over your production. The Status Matrix is a table view where all tasks are distributed across the project’s locations. The color coding indicates which tasks are completed, on schedule, delayed, or need to be started.

This view can be cross-filtered across all parameters in Tactplan Control, such as specific locations, trades, timeframes, or work breakdowns. Maintaining a clear overview of whether production is progressing as expected has always been challenging.

Last Planner

Last Planner is a recognized method used for production and construction management on building sites worldwide. It is also fully integrable with Location-based Scheduling and the engine underlying Tactplan and Tactplan Control. In essence, Last Planner revolves around constantly being in touch with the ongoing progress and planning the construction project based on current resources and site conditions.

Using Tactplan Control to support weekly planning meetings, it becomes easy to oversee which locations are ready for new tasks, which require extra focus in the upcoming week, and identify and address potential issues. The integration of Tactplan Control and the Last Planner method enables prepared communication and collaboration, reduces waste and inefficiency, and enhances the predictability and reliability of your schedules.

In Tactplan Control, the core principles of the Last Planner, such as make-ready planning and commitment of trades, are fully integrated with the Location-based schedule. So, no more tedious copy-paste to Excel sheets for weekly work plans. It is all integrated.

Last Planner in construction management
Documentation and reporting Tactplan Control


Documentation and reporting of construction projects are always crucial, especially for professional builders who need insights into the progress of their projects. Tactplan Control provides an accurate snapshot that can be used directly to document the status of a project while preserving all historical production data.

This makes it significantly easier to identify the causes of delays and make informed decisions based on how a project evolves rather than relying on gut feelings or intuition. Accessing detailed historical data helps analyze trends and patterns, enabling better project management and decision-making processes. With Tactplan Control, the professional builder can maintain a well-documented and data-driven approach to project management, leading to more efficient and successful construction outcomes.

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