How Tactplan helps our customers and partners  

Logo Dansk Boligbyg
Logo Dansk Boligbyg

“FINALLY, a solid product is being developed, with a solid platform, based on Nordic management methods. Tactplan is intuitive, with a simple user interface that makes implementation much easier. My ambition is to implement Location-based planning on all our projects in a short number of years and I can easily see that Tactplan can be the tool that makes it possible.

Everyone who uses the method experiences a clear improvement in the collaboration and working environment on site. ”                                  

Bjarke Apollo

Digitization Manager, Dansk Boligbyg

“Location-based scheduling gives a better mutual understanding and therefore fewer conflicts in the execution phase. It gives a far better overview of the construction process than any other tool.”

“We get a better flow, eliminate wasted time and find optimization opportunities. There is no project where it cannot be used! It is goes without saying this product is right up the ally when it comes to residential buildings, but it also works for complicated commercial buildings without, or with only a few repetitions. And usually beyond all expectations!”

Kristine Ann Barnes

Senior Process Manager, MT Højgaard

“​Everyone knows exactly when a location is dedicated to the individual subjects. If, for example, the electrician comes to a location to fix a few small things, but this location is reserved for the plumber, he must politely ask permission and comply. It is the plumber who has the right to be at that location that day. This software makes it much easier to coordinate.”, explains Morten Høj Christensen.

He finds that it has made everyday life easier for the subcontractors. “Their tasks are continuous, and their staffing is kept stable. They don’t have to man up and down – and it’s money on the bottom line.”

“The client is also happy with the systematic approach to the method, because it provides a better opportunity to follow the work. The client knows for sure that if the carpenter has started in corridor 3, then everything is finished in corridor 1 and corridor 2.”

Morten Høj Christensen

Project Manager, Rescale

​”One of the positive consequences Enemærke & Petersen has experienced using location-based scheduling is a signigicant reduction in the delivery time.”

“By getting a better overview of the optional flow, the activities can be moved closer together and execution time reduced. The schedule regarding Vapnagaard is insanely tight. In my opinion, we could not complete this renovation on time without the use of location-based scheduling.”

“Most recently, we have just won an assignment where one of the contributing factors was that we could explain to the client a good overview and a good flow in the schedule. A good flow and stable staffing ensure good quality and a good economy” concludes Ask Hesselager. 

Ask Hesselager

Process Manager, Enemærke & Petersen

“​We are facing a larger residential renovation in Aalborg, where we want to test Location-based Scheduling. The method provides a precise overview of the workflow, collisions and, not least, areas that are left empty.

My experience is that it provides a better working environment between the craftsmen if a plan is laid out for where the respective trades work at a given time.

This means there is money to be saved for everyone. Implementation of Location-based Scheduling is part of our Lean Strategy.

Kent Poulsen

Construction Manager, Arne Andersen - Vrå

​”I can predict exactly where and when several craftsmen or trades will conflict by being in the same location at the same time. It allows me to correct it in time.”

Thomas Høyer Andersen

Owner, TT Høyer Entreprise