Improvement in collaboration

DBB decided to speed up digitalizing. Stronger Collaboration with Locationbased Scheduling

Stronger Collaboration with Locationbased Scheduling

Dansk Boligbyg (DBB) is a well-established midsize contractor in Denmark. In 2020, management decided to speed up digitalizing in order to reduce project risks, increase productivity and earnings, and ultimately, through this transformation, ensure a better work environment for all staff on site.

They hired Bjarke Apollo-Andreasen to be at the forefront of this transformation process. His job is to teach employees the use of digital tools and ensure a boost of digitalizing skills across the entire organization.

Location-based scheduling is an important tool in DBB’s digital tool

Before Bjarke started, they had already implemented location-based scheduling on several projects. At that time, the user interface of the available software was complex and difficult to learn and use. Because of this, several subcontractors had issues accessing the schedules.

But despite these obstacles, more and more project managers at DBB (and in the construction industry in general as well), understood the great advantages of this method and wanted to leave Gantt behind in favor of location-based scheduling.

Locationbased Scheduling and LEAN

While planning a large multi-story residential building project in Odense, DBB teamed up with the University of Southern Denmark to go all in with LEAN. 

The subcontractors were involved in the scheduling process right from the beginning, using the methods of the last planning system and placing sticky notes on a whiteboard. From the early phases and during the entire construction process, the subcontractors were an important part of the planning process.


Change the current narrative of planning

The project was a great success and a great learning experience – for both DBB and the future project managers from the University.

And success stories like this one are exactly what Bjarke needs in order to change the narrative about the execution of construction site planning in Dansk Boligbyg. All the good examples need to set the standard for upcoming projects.

The feedback Bjarke gets from the project managers, who are using location-based scheduling is, that the method saves them at least two weeks in their schedule, and many experience even larger reductions. Besides this, they all experiences an improvement in the collaboration and working environment on the construction site.


Clear improvement in the collaboration and working environment


This is why Bjarke has the ambition to implement location-based scheduling at all projects at DBB looking forward:

“It’s a really cool method, which we have implemented on several projects, and I have ambitions to implement it on all projects from now on.

Everyone who uses the method experiences a clear improvement in the collaboration and working environment on (the) site.”

But Bjarke is also realistic and understands that too many user-interface issues and bugs in the software can cause some project managers to discard the method.

“Construction is going fast today. There is simply no time and surplus of mental resources to get acquainted with new complex software,” Bjarke says.

The winnings are experienced immediately

Exigo have developed a new straightforward simple-to-use software for location-based scheduling. The software is called Tactplan, and the winnings are experienced immediately.

Bjarke is expectant:

“FINALLY, a solid product is being developed, with a solid platform, based on Nordic management methods. Tactplan is intuitive, with a simple user interface that makes implementation much easier. My ambition is to implement location-based planning on all our projects over a short number of years, and I can easily see that Tactplan can be the tool that makes this possible.”

Think location-based scheduling sounds like something for you?

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