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Tactplan Academy offers you the opportunity to learn about planning and scheduling in construction. And furthermore how to apply this on general projects across many industries.

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Location Based Scheduling and planning

Learning outcomes


When you have completed the course you will be able to:

  • Distinguish the different planning concepts Location Based Scheduling (LBS) and Takt Time.
  • Interpret, evaluate and apply LBS in large-scale projects.
  • Create a Location Based Schedule in Tactplan.
  • Describe the methodology, usage and advantages of using LBS to others.
  • Plan with resources and integrate the management of resources in your scheduling.
  • Optimize a schedule using flow, continuity and other methods natural to LBS.
  • Use LBS for risk analysis by identifying colliding tasks, wasted time or start – & stops of work.


Tactplan Takt Time

You can just level up your Location Based scheduling skills.


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