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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tactplan software.  

Can I share my Takt Plan with other users?

Yes! You can share your project with anyone you want.

Go to the project you wish to share
→ Click on “Users”
→ Click on “Invite new users” in the upper right corner
→ Type in the email on the person you wish to invite and choose which role you want to give them

If you grant them either Planner or Manager, they will automatically be given a license. Choose Viewer and they can see it for free but not edit in the schedule and they won’t take any of your licenses.

The person you’ve invited to your project have now received an email which must be accepted before they have access. 

Congratulations, you have just shared a project. 

Can I print a Takt Plan to PDF?

Yes of course you can! Just follow these steps:

First you choose which schedule you want to print. It is possible to print Takt Time, Flowline, Gantt and Task Grid to PDF.
Once you are in the schedule that you want to print to PDF you click on the print icon in the top right corner.


  • Choose Date Range. “Complete” is the whole schedule. “Current” is what you are zoomed in on.
  • Choose Scale. “Scale to single page”, no matter how high or wide your schedule is it will fit in to one page. “Scale to Page Width” always fit to page width but multiple pages down.
  • Paper Size. Choose what ever paper size you need, normally A3 will do.
  • Paper Orientation. “Landscape” is laydown and “Portrait” is upright.
  • When you have made your choices above you are ready to print your schedule to PDF. Click on “Print Preview” to watch how it will look.
  • To download click on “Print” in the right corner below.

Taadaa you have now printed your Schedule to PDF.

Can I import a MS Project or Primavera Schedule to Tactplan?

Yes, we have an easy data import feature. You just open or copy your raw data into Excel. Could you clean them up if needed? Then, copy directly to Tactplan or import a CSV file. Take a look at it in this video: 

Do you have a mobile app for Takt Time Scheduling?

The beauty of it all is that you don’t need an app – in fact, you don’t need to install anything. Just open a browser on your phone or tablet (could be chrome) and type in and you always have your schedule close by.

Do you provide Free Takt Time Software for students?

We of course provide students with a free license. Although the license can only be used on school projects and with an school email. That means that you can use it all you want while you study, but when you graduate the license will expire.

If your school hasn’t provided you with a license yet, simply just ask for one. If you don’t know who is responsible for student licenses in your institution, you can submit you student email here, and we will provide you with the information on who to contact to get your free license.

Is there any free software for Takt Time Planning?

We always offer you 14 days free software for Takt Time Planning if you haven’t tried our great planning tool! If you need any help just email us! 

Still need help? Send us a note!