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Discover the winning strategy for General Contractors: Location-based Scheduling!

General Contractors choose Location Based Scheduling

For General Contractors, the Location-based method is a win! There are no downsides. When converting a Gantt chart to a Location-based Schedule, you can reduce your construction period by 10-20%. Going from 20 months construction period to 16 moths will save you and your firm time and money. And – as a side benefit– this will also reduce your CO2 emissions significantly. Here are four major benefits:


Boost construction efficiency:

Location-based Scheduling allows General Contractors to reduce construction periods by 10-20%, resulting in significant time savings and increased project efficiency.


Cost savings and environmental benefits:

By implementing Location-based Scheduling, General Contractors can save money by completing projects in shorter timeframes and reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable construction industry.



Early issue identification:

Location-based Scheduling enables the early detection of critical issues, allowing General Contractors to address them promptly and avoid potential project delays or disruptions.


Unforeseen consequences uncovered:

Unlike traditional Gantt charts, Location-based Scheduling reveals the hidden effects of even minor adjustments. This helps General Contractors make informed decisions and avoid unintended delays or complications during project execution.

Boost efficiency and savings for General Contractors with Location Based Scheduling…

… is an incredible opportunity. Just imagine how you can transform a 20-month project into just 16 months, resulting in substantial cost savings for you and your firm. Not only that, but it also contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, serving as an additional environmental benefit.

General Contractors and subcontractor with locations based scheduling

One of the key advantages of Location-based Scheduling is the early identification of critical issues, allowing for timely corrections to be made. Let’s consider a real-life example that demonstrates the power of this approach:

Imagine a subcontractor, specifically a plumber, who contacts the General Contractor requesting additional days per bathroom in a large residential complex project. The General Contractor appreciates the plumber’s proactive communication and can accommodate the request. However, when they analyzed the updated data using Location-based Scheduling, they quickly realized that granting this seemingly minor adjustment would delay the entire project for three months.

So, the plumber’s request must be declined, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the plumber understands the reasoning behind the decision and agrees to increase their crew size instead. This scenario exemplifies how Location-based Scheduling unveils unforeseen consequences that are difficult to anticipate with traditional Gantt charts.

By embracing Location-based Scheduling, General Contractors can maximize efficiency, save costs, reduce environmental impact, and make informed decisions to avoid project delays. So, take advantage of the transformative benefits this method has to offer!

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Three General Contractors shares their knowledge about location-based scheduling in a whitepaper you can download for free. Learn why they think the method often is better than Gantt, how they implemented the technique, and the results they experienced.

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Location-based Scheduling – Best practice from 3 General Contractors


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Embrace the power of Location-based Scheduling and revolutionize your construction projects today. You can experience increased efficiency, cost savings, environmental sustainability, and proactive issue identification. Take advantage of the transformative benefits this approach offers.

You can take the first step towards success by implementing Location-based Scheduling in your projects now. With this in mind, you’ll unlock a whole new level of project management effectiveness, paving the way for streamlined operations, reduced expenses, eco-friendly practices, and early problem detection. You can use this opportunity to propel your projects forward and stay ahead of the competition.

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