Release Notes

Version 1.4.2



  • Improved the amount of settings that the different viewers can share and the amount of settings that each view save for next use.


  • Fixed several issues where print would not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with task selection.
  • Fixed several issues with validation of data for some input fields.

Version 1.4.1



  • The Tactplan will now be known as Tactplan Schedule, as the former Exicute is now known as Tactplan Control. The main URL to access Tactplan will be, however it will still be accessible from the old URL.
  • Added a more accurate view of flowlines during non working time. The lines are now flat over a holiday or weekend.
  • Added the option to show names on specific location tasks in flowline view. This option can be found when right clicking location tasks or in the side menu for disabling the location task name for the first task.
  • Calendar has received a major visual update and added to undo / redo actions.



  • Improved the performance of drawing lines and location tree in Flowline viewer
  • Allowing project name to be much longer
  • Task panel width is now remembered between each session
  • Added tooltips and better name explanation for dependencies in the task side menu. This can be seen when adding new dependencies or hovering existing ones in the tables.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with data import crashing
  • Fixed an issue with client user page not updating properly
  • Fixed an issue with date picker formatting of end dates to fit properly with scheduling dates
  • Fixed several performance issues in network diagram
  • Fixed an issue with some dependencies causing cyclic behavior in rare cases, even if not actually cyclic
  • Fixed dropdown width in single dependency table
  • Added debounce to inputs in the task side menu, to improve performance when changing input values fast
  • Fixed drag button “active” color
  • Fixed a number of wrong translations
  • Fixed and issue with expand/collapse for filter tree + ripple animation for checkboxes

Version 1.4.0



  • The general design of Tactplan has been updated
  • Added a project list page for organisation administrator, to better manage projects for an organisation.
  • Added localisation for English US, English UK and Danish. This is both in terms of language and number formatting. This setting can be set individually under the user settings page.



  • Several improvements have been made to the print feature, to better customise the print to fit the schedule. With this also comes a new print preview, that can be updated to reflect your changed settings, so that it should be easier and faster to create beautiful prints.
  • Schedule filter options have been updated to be easier to use and with more searching functionality. This allows for a better experience when trying to filter out specific tasks, locations, tags and more by name.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several visual bugs for flowline.
  • When moving multiple tasks in network diagram, the position is now properly saved for all moved tasks

Version 1.3.0



  • Import / Export of data is now available through the new Grid Schedule View. The feature uses the clipboard to allow copying data from Tactplan to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, where data can be added or edited and then copied back into Tactplan.
  • Added an additional continuous mode for many schedule toolbar features such as add task, draw task, dependency mode, drag task and more. This means that if a button for one of these features is pressed once it will deactivate after creating/editing one item, however if the button is clicked again, the continuous mode is active and the feature will only be closed if the button is pressed a third time.

Version 1.2.3



  • Updated the way location task ordering works, this will improve saving time for new and updated tasks, and will also drastically reduce the time copying a schedule takes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause saving error when changing location order while dragging inside the checkbox for removing the location task. Dragging while holding on the checkbox has been removed.

Version 1.2.2



  • Locations page now has undo / redo! and saves together with the rest of the project pages (only resources/suppliers are now individual pages, which will be included very soon). This change improves the workflow of creating locations and their integration with the tasks.


  • Gantt and Table performance improvements and preparing for further feature implementations to all Grids and Gantt pages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed visual bug when printing custom date range.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs when creating certain dependencies that would not be saved correctly in specific scenarios.
  • The changes made to locations has removed an issue that was causing sync errors when doing a combination of splitting, moving location task order and/or changing location precision of a task.

Version 1.2.1



  • Updated performance for flowline calculations, so that it no longer freezes on larger projects.
  • Updated performance for handling internal dependencies between location tasks of the same subtask. This will result in slightly faster load time and a faster sync (save) time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with changing location precision for a task.
  • Fixed an issue with public system messages not disappearing after event is over.
  • Fixed an issue that rarely the location order would not appear in the side menu.
  • Fixed several visual issues with network diagram.
  • Fixed an issue with saving “0” position of network diagram nodes properly. 

Version 1.2.0



  • Added the possibility to add Tags under the task edit panel (general tab). These tags are simple words defining the task, which can then be used to filter tasks by. The Tags also have a setup page, where all tags can be viewed, and it is possible to see how many times each tag is used.
  • Added a System Message Banner on the top bar, that will notify users about upcoming updates to the platform, where the platform can be down for maintenance or experience temporary slowdown.


  • Added undo / redo functionality to saving, updating or deleting filters. 
  • Saving schedule data time has been decreased significantly.
  • Exicute import of Tactplan data has been updated to accommodate for the changes made to the Tactplan data structure, that enables the faster save speed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the visual presentation of some setup pages that were not inline with the new styling.
  • Fixed multiple calculated fields to be awaiting their correct value before calculation.
  • Fixed an issue with a lot of errors being thrown when deleting tasks with durations open
  • Fixed multiple errors with calculating duration when dragging tasks with different calendars and the tooltips used for these functionalities.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to create invalid dependencies
  • Fixed an issue with showing correct duration in table view
  • Added color change of tasks to undo / redo
  • Fixed how location level names are shown in gantt and table views
  • Fixed the inkbar positioning in some instances where it could get stuck after a undo/redo event
  • Fixed an issue with crews disappearing after save.
  • Fixed an issue with predecessor and successor text not showing for all tasks in Gantt / Table views
  • Fixed an issue with saving some positions for network diagram schedules




Version 1.1.0



  • Added Undo / Redo button for all scheduler events (excluding filter, resources, calendar, progress, which are being added soon..)
  • Removed the edit schedule settings from a right click menu and moved this functionality to its own settings page under the setup menu point after selecting a schedule. This page is now used to edit schedule name, start date and end date.


  • Improved the stability of many actions while scheduling to prepare for undo / redo actions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with deleting location tasks when progress panel is open
  • Fixed an issue when trying to distribute duration for a subtask
  • Fixed an issue when saving only actual start date
  • Fixed an issue when updating location precision
  • Fixed an issue with date pickers not being visible if provided with wrong input




Version 1.0.10



  • Added a save button to the calendars so it saves together with the scheduler and automatically updates tasks accordingly. When you save, the data returns to the database, start- and end date is correct when Exicute gets the data. 

  • Added schedule filter save function. It allows you to create filters that can be used by all users on the schedule. Click “Save new” to make a new filter. 

  • Added a resource column to Gantt / Table views. This makes it possible to see which team is assigned which task. 

  • It is now possible to copy a schedule from other organizations and projects.


  • Users of expired clients can now see all their projects / schedules as viewers after expiration. It will remember roles if set back to not expired. So you can now always go back and see or get data, which can come in handy for new projects.

  • Improved visual feedback in the Gantt and Table views for columns where the data does not exist on that task level. It shows fields as cursive, to give an understanding of task data. 

  • Filtering out resources will remove these from the resource graph, even if it is still present on some tasks that have multiple resources. 

  • We have removed the option to update schedule default calendar, as this was unstable and unnecessary. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several issues with checking permissions.

  • Fixed an issue where sync would fail if side menu was not locked.

  • Fixed some issues when using multiple calendars across all tasks.

  • Fixed some visual issues with the resource graph in Takt-Time view.

  • Fixed an issue with being able to select expired organizations when copying schedules.

  • Fixed an issue where resources weren’t retained when copying or splitting subtasks.

  • Fixed an issue when filtering certain states and when saving certain filter states.

  • Fixed an issue with calendar not applying correctly after changing location level.

  • Fixed an issue where internal buffer was not included in schedule copy.

  • Fixed an issue with store override function not working with filter on.

  • Fixed an issue where overlapping resources were not included in calculations.

  • Fixed an issue with filtering resources/suppliers in network diagram, and improved performance of all filtering in network diagram.

  • Fixed an issue with locations not updating in filter panel.

  • Fixed an issue with selecting tasks in Gantt view.

  • Fixed an issue with locations in side panel not updating.

  • Fixed an issue that would lock the location tab in sidemenu.

  • Fixed an issue where location level would not update in add button.

  • Fixed an issue with data on network diagram nodes not being updated properly.

  • Fixed an issue with task not removing highlight/selection.

  • Fixed a bug with supplier table breaking on sorting country.

  • Fixed an issue when saving empty strings on resources or supplier dialogs.

  • Fixed some issues with searching in resource and supplier tables.

  • Fixed an issue with updating certain fields in resources in the side menu.


Version 1.0.9



  • Added suppliers and resources as a feature. These can be added in their own menu points under a schedule setup. Furthermore resources can be connected to a subtask crew, which is unique to each subtask. Resources have at this point no influence on the duration of a task.
  • Added resource graph to takt time and flowline view, that displays resources on the same timeline as the opened viewer.


  • Color picker improved to allow for custom colors and locally saves recently used colors.
  • Calculations are now made without having to scroll through the whole schedule making print much faster.
  • When printing using custom range and Current range is now more stable.
  • Network diagram auto arrange has been improved to handle all schedule sizes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several issues with the location order being wrong when switching between flowline and takt time view, when using filters.
  • Fixed some visual calculation errors made when changing calendars for specific location tasks.

Version 1.0.8




  • Added bulk edit options to the task edit menu duration tab.This allows for adding duration to multiple selected location task at once or distributing the subtask duration to all location tasks.
  • Added network diagram name tooltip.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where span could be shown incorrectly if changing between paced and non paced.
  • Fixed an issue where tasks created in Gantt, Network Diagram or table had different default durations compared to Takt Time.
  • Fixed some issues that caused errors when switching between table and other views (these were only visual errors, not affecting any data or further working on the schedule).
  • Fixed an issue where some input fields had too many decimals shown.
  • Fixed an issue where certain dependencies would break location tasks order.
  • Fixed an issue with the ordering of locations would sometimes scramble when applying or resetting filtering on some views.