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On the Wake-Up project, Nina found that the method was not only good in theory: “I realized that the method works!”

Location-based scheduling works! We delivered on time.

Wake-Up Copenhagen was the first major project for which Nina Fogh-Andersen from Arpe & Kjeldsholm was responsible. She chose to use location-based scheduling on the project, also known as cyclogram. She was introduced to the method at DTU where she studied Civil Engineering.

On the Wake-Up project, Nina found that the method was not only good in theory. “I realized that the method works! We delivered the project on time, and we didn’t use any overtime on evenings and weekends,” Nina explains. Management saw great potential in the method and subsequently made Nina overall responsible for planning three major construction sites in Copenhagen. Management needed someone to ensure that the schedules on the projects were adhered to. The long-term plan is to phase out Gantt and implement location-based scheduling on all construction projects under Arpe & Kjeldsholm.

Impact analysis 


“At the beginning, some craftsmen on the site complained. But as time progressed on the project, and the craftsmen better understood the method, they became positive and embraced the method.

At one point, a masonry foreman came to me in the construction trailer. He wanted to have an additional half day for each bathroom. It sounded reasonable, so I entered it into the schedule immediately to see the impact of the change. However, it turned out that it would shift the overall schedule by 5 weeks. The consequence would be impossible to comprehend and illustrate with Gantt. The mason could see that it didn’t make sense, so he left and brought in more people to the site instead. And then we could stick to the plan.”

Leadership supports innovative planning method 

With flow lines (locationbased scheduling), one can constantly see the impact of a change or if something shifts. In the example with the mason, in Gantt, I might see one derived effect on page 36. The schedule on the project filled 40 A3 pages in Gantt. With cyclograms, the schedule filled one A3 page. The biggest advantage of cyclograms/location-based scheduling is clearly the overview you get.”

She points out that the success would not have been so significant without support from management. If the message, for example, had been, “you can deal with it if you want,” but there was no support on the site, it would have been more challenging.

“I have a really good boss who supported me 100%. If there were complaints on the site, he pulled out my schedule and referred to it. – It was also him who approved agreement sheets and handled the finances, so the craftsmen wanted to be on good terms with him,” she laughs.

    Deliver on time

    On all three construction projects she is currently handling, she conducts site registration every week, and deviations are recorded in the minutes.

    “We have good feedback from all trades. They don’t like it if they are behind. They have provided a schedule to me, and I have entered it into the location-based schedule. – And since they provided the schedule themselves, they commit to it and also know best what it takes to correct it. With location-based scheduling, a deviation never gets so off track that we can’t catch it in time. It keeps the conflict level on the site low and ensures the client that we deliver on time.”

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      Location-based scheduling works! We delivered on time.

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