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A Happy Trade Contractor At A Construction Site who has benefitted from Innovative Construction Solutions

Feedback from both general contractor and trade contractor are, that the health, safety and work environment on site is so much better using Location-based Scheduling or Takt Time planning as it’s also called. 

Without adding more men on site, you as a trade contractor will be able to optimize your work and reach your deadline, simply by exploring all corners of the construction site, and securing that no activities collide. This gives all trade contractors space and time to work in a good flow without disturbance, and allows them to be able to keep a good rate.

A good flow for each trade contractor is crucial for the entire schedule to succeed.

The data driven engine behind the schedule, and the visual showing of consequences of delays, make it so much easier to understand the need for e.g. upscale or downscale of manpower. There is less arguing, and the trade contractors are happy to be able to keep their flat fee and their good flow. Gantt planning often leaves gaps with time wasted and time waiting.

As a trade contractor you will find peace in your workday and do not need to jump randomly around the site to find a free corner to work. You will have a given space on a given time exclusively for you, with time and quiet to finish your job in an orderly manner. Giving you a more satisfying work day, with good results in a good quality.

You can even reward your general contractor or owner with a better price if they implement Takt Time Planning without taking extra risk.

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