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Achieve Deadlines and Optimal Workflow as a Trade Contractor with Takt Time Planning


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Experience Improved Efficiency and Work Environment

Location-based Scheduling, also referred to as Takt Time planning, has garnered positive feedback from both General Contractors and Trade Contractors. This is primarily due to its substantial impact on health, safety, and the work environment on construction sites. Through the optimization of work allocation and the elimination of activity clashes, Trade Contractors can effectively meet their deadlines without requiring additional manpower. Consequently, Location-based Scheduling proves to be a valuable tool in enhancing project efficiency and ensuring a smooth workflow.


Optimize work and meet deadlines without increasing workforce through Location-Based Scheduling.


Ensure a smooth flow of work for trade contractors by eliminating activity clashes and providing dedicated time and space.



Increase efficiency and minimize wasted time and waiting with data-driven scheduling and visual representations of delays.


Experience a satisfying workday with peace of mind, orderly job completion, and high-quality results.

Trade Contractor using Location Based Scheduling

Without adding more men on site, as a trade contractor, you can optimize your work and meet your deadline by exploring all corners of the construction site and ensuring that no activities collide. This creates a conducive environment for all trade contractors to work in a smooth flow without any disturbance, enabling them to maintain a good pace.

The smooth flow for each trade contractor is crucial for the overall success of the schedule. The data-driven engine behind the schedule, along with the visual representation of the consequences of delays, makes it much easier to understand the need for adjustments in manpower, such as scaling up or down. This results in less arguing and happier trade contractors who can maintain their flat fee and work efficiently. In contrast, Gantt planning often leads to wasted time and waiting periods.


As a trade contractor, you will find peace in your workday as you no longer need to jump randomly around the site in search of a free corner to work. You will have a designated space and time exclusively for your tasks, allowing you to finish your job in an organized manner with ample time and tranquility. This will result in a more satisfying workday and high-quality results.

Moreover, if the General Contractor or Owner implements Takt Time Planning without taking extra risks, you can even reward them with a better price. This approach not only benefits you but also enhances collaboration and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship with the General Contractor or Owner.

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