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for NET-Zero Era

The journey to net-zero emissions has begun, and it is clear that is requires new ways of working when delivering renewable energy projects.


Drivers of
Consistent Delivery

The time to prepare your business processes and build capacity to consistently deliver renewable energy projects during the transition to net-zero emission era is NOW.

According to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, 30 million jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency must be created by 2025, rising to 60 million by 2030. Assuming the delivery of planned investments, this net-zero workforce, the size of a large nation, will require the project delivery sector to grow its workforce at roughly twice the rate as it did in the five years leading up to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

Leaders have to prepare to scale business in order to accommodate the net-zero workforce and increased demand of renewable energy project deliveries.

wind turbine (WTG) wing being transported by truck

1. Embrace Technology

With the adoption of lean thinking in the construction industry, takt time has found its way into the project-based production systems of the industry. Starting with construction methods that have highly repetitive products like Wind Turbine Generator installation, tunnel construction, and repetitive buildings like residential high-rises, implementation of takt is increasing.

Historically, the takt-time planning (TTP) and location-based scheduling have very little employment in on renewable energy-project and even in the construction industry. The most famous use dates back to the 1930’s with the construction of empire state building. One of the reasons is undoubtedly that the method was hard to gain access to. 

Location based scheduling and takt time schedule

However, cloud-computing and the continuously development of the software has made the real-time takt-planning technology accessible.

2. Standardize Work 

The ability to execute and learn is the most basic explanation why a project that is based on modular replicability is more likely to succeed than a project that depends on a one-off process.
In sum, the secret to successfully and consistently, is modular replication and iteration.

With the upcoming rapid expansion expected in the wind energy industry, a shortage of skills could prove to be a big stumbling block in development. Thousands of jobs will be created across Europe over the next ten years, from engineers and project managers to mariners and welders.

Companies with non-standardized workflows and processes will not be able to attract and utilize this new workforce. Business will be confined and dependent on personal skills and know-how and thus, won’t be scalable to the net-zero era.


Location based schedule and manning in taktplan

By standardizing the workflow of WTG installation everyone involved will know exactly what to do and when and where to do, and any learning from any project can be used to optimize all future projects in the company project portfolio.

trade worker repairing wind turbine (WTG)
Wind turbine generator (WTG) installation

3. Builing Skills 

Experience is good, however, experience supported by relevant data is amazing. Not only does it remedy the human biases of planning and controlling it does also utilize data much broader than the experience of an individual.  

By collecting data and evaluate learnings of all projects, the company becomes a learning organization. This ensures that any learning from any project across the portfolio is utilized to increase the quality of the planning and controlling of all future projects.

It also ensures that any previous conflict is efficiently avoided rather than repeated. This helps build long term relations and avoid potential mitigation and lawyer cost. 

Extensions of Times are a natural part of delivering WTG projects as the forces of nature cannot be controlled and unforeseen thing happens such as a crane break down of late delivery of components.

Often times, a delay does not delay all on-site activities and it may be possible to continue work elsewhere on site – however, this represent a change of plan, and if this change is not incorporated into the plan, the plan is effectively redundant.

This small task of continuously updating the remaining plan based on the actual progress of the project may seem manageable in theory, however in practical is quick becomes a time-consuming task and is therefore often  deprioritized or neglected – meaning that many projects around the globe is effectively progressing without a plan.

Ahead of

the Competition 

The Consistency and punctuality are key

factors when delivering renewable engery projecs.

offshore wind turbines
offshore wind turbines (wtg)
offshore wind turbines (wtg)


the Technology

Using location-based takt-time planning for the WTG installation has never been this easy and flexible. The technology ensures that planning and progress monitoring of your project becomes a core business support.

The learning curve of a WTG installation project varies from project to project as various factors influence the on-site learning and efficiency: personnel (management, experience, language), site conditions (snow, rain, temperature), and many more.

Regardless of if you are looking to factor this into the project planning or trying to calculate the effect or monetary consequences of disruptions or scope changes during the project period – it is quite impossible to do without valid and reliable data.


a Look

Inside the Data

Only by utilizing the data from your actual project will you be able learn from them.

Reference Cases



North America

Castle Rock & Riverview II

La Chalupa

South Asia

Taiwan Offshore WTG Farm

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