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A Location Based Scheduling (flowline or Line of Balance) Chart In Tactplan Software

Tactplan is a cloud-based scheduling software solution for construction that empowers construction teams to schedule and control every aspect of building, infrastructure and energy projects by combining location based, Takt Time, and Gantt scheduling.

Our customers build 20% faster than their competitors by making their schedule location based and thereby optimizing flow, takt and resources. Lower risk. Better overview. More sustainable processes.

All you need to know about location based scheduling

“I recommend all students within construction to complete the Academy. It provides a thorough introduction to the location-based method and a basic understanding of how planning in construction is approached.”

Birgit Liv Hansen, Associate professor at Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Aarhus University

Your Entire Schedule on One Page


Save Time – Save CO2

Build 20% faster and reduce CO2
emission by optimizing flow,
takt and resources by making your schedule location based.


Reduce Risk

Identify critical issues early in your schedule. Optimize takt, flow, and locations and reach your deadline in time.


Health and Safety

Identify safety risks for your employees. By knowing where dangerous work takes place, you can protect your employees.

Smarter schedules

Location Based Scheduling (Flowline or Line of Balance) Chart In Tactplan Software

Work smarter with smarter construction schedules

Our challenge in the construction industry is to create growth in a smarter and more sustainable way. With the Tactplan scheduling software developed for construction, you can work smarter, create better flow, reduce waste and thereby help solve the sustainability challenge.

Transparent communication of your schedule

Different views for better communication.
In Tactplan you can work seamlessly in different views.
Tactplan is the only application to combine flowline (location based scheduling), takt-time, and CPM/Gantt.

Takt-Time Chart In The Tactplan Software
Illustration Of Dependencies In A Schedule In The Tactplan Software

Software for creating dependencies easily

Tactplan has an advanced scheduling engine that helps you secure flow in tasks from one location to the next, and between tasks on the same location.

Seamless integration with the locations on-site

When your plan and schedule is ready for construction, publish it to Exicute for collaboration and communication. 

Involve your sub-contractor with pull-planning and solve the daily huddles. Visualize progress with embedded PowerBI dashboards and integrated cost control.


Trade workers using the Exicute app on the construction site
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