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Tactplan is all about building the right way.

About Tactplan

How it all started

Tactplan is developed by the Danish consulting company Exigo A/S who is specialized in project and risk management of complex building, infrastructure, and energy projects.

Exigo is founded by Kristian Birch Pedersen. He holds a PhD in building informatics. His experience with construction technology and BIM dates back to around 2003. He was one of the early adaptors of 3D modelling in the Danish construction industry and has been leading the BIM development ever since.

Kristian started working in a construction company at the age of 10 and have since strived for ways to make the industry better and more efficient.

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Why we want to make a difference

The construction industry faces several challenges such as improving productivity and delivering a sustainable growth. Exigo’s mission and belief are and have always been to help create a more sustainable and efficient way of building.

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The solution

We have found three key areas where we significantly contribute to markedly improving productivity and sustainability for our customers.


  • First of all, the projects must have a constructible building model (BIM). Or as we usually explain it “if you can’t build the project on screen – you can’t build it in reality – therefore we suggest helping you fix it on screen first”.
  • Secondly, you must, in a collaborative process, develop an optimal Location Based  (Line of Balance) Schedule of your entire project, including the quantities and resources needed.
  • Finally, you must track and follow up on progress, preferably on a daily basis, and visualize the data live so that it is transparent for everyone, and you can mitigate risks and changes as they occur.

Pursuing the purpose

If you succeed with all three key areas, you can save the planet about 15 % of the total CO2 emission of the construction industry. This is due to the fact that waste in the construction industry is enormous because of defects and bad scheduling.

In the Nordic countries, Location Based Scheduling or “Cyclogram Planning” as it is called locally has gained massive success. Many companies have repeatably documented savings in the construction time of 10-20 % by optimizing tact, flow, logistics and resources on the construction site.

Read more about our work with sustainability here.


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Tactplan, the perfect match

Tactplan is determined to play a vital role in this industry’s needed transformation. We aim to help build sustainable and better. Save time, save money, save the environment.

Exigo has used the method since the company’s establishment in 2010 on a broad range of projects such as large-scale hospital, tunnels, railways and stations, offshore and onshore wind turbines, residential buildings, university buildings etc.

Our years of experience with Location-Based (Line of Balance) Scheduling and Takt Time Planning is now embedded in the software Tactplan. It is built on scientifically proven methods, modern cloud-based software and is super user-friendly.

We hope you will enjoy working with Tactplan and help make the construction industry more sustainable through better scheduling and transparent processes.

Kristian Birch Pedersen

Kristian Birch Pedersen

CEO and Founder

M.Sc. (CivEng)
Master in IT
PhD in building informatics

Morten Slott Hedegaard

Morten Slott Hedegaard

Product Owner

M.Sc. Construction Management

Kristina Ekkersgaard

Kristina Ekkersgaard

Head of Sales and Marketing

Architect, Master in Architecture

Troels Primdahl

Troels Primdahl

Product Manager

M.Sc. (CivEng)

Tactplan consists of a whole team of well-educated and experienced colleagues who are constantly striving for a better way to build.

Tactplan is part of the pioneer company Exigo located in Aarhus, Denmark. At Exigo, we specialize in helping Builders and Contractors with project and risk management in complex construction projects. We are leading specialists in the integration of 3D Modelling and Project Management.

Exigo has also developed Exicute, which is a Business Intelligence setup implemented on several large-scale projects, with positive results. It also gives you an overview of time and economy with dashboard solutions.

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