General Contractors

Discover the best software for Location-based scheduling.

A General Contractor At The Construction Site

For General Contractors the location-based method is all win! There are literally no downsides. When converting a Gantt time schedule to a location-based schedule, you will be able to reduce your construction period with 10-20%. Going from 20 months construction period to 16 moths, will save you and your firm a lot of money. And – as a side benefit– this will also reduce your CO2 emissions significantly. 

With Location-based scheduling, you will be able to identify critical issues early – in time to correct them.

A real life example:
A subcontractor, a plumber, contacts the General Contractor for a request. He asks for an additional few days per bathroom in a large residential complex project. The GC finds it positive, that the plumber reaches out beforehand, and will like to try to meet his request.

But when they sit down, and make a forecast with the updated data, they can see, that this small adjustment would caused an overall delay of the entire project of 3 months. The plumbers request has to be denied, but he understands why, and he agrees to man-up his crew instead. These derived effects of one small adjustment are impossible to foresee with Gantt.

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