Rethinking scheduling:

The limitation of CPM for linear projects

Critical path method (CPM) scheduling needs to be revised for linear projects due to its inability to accurately represent the repetitive nature of activities, resource continuity, and work locations. However, Tactplan offers a solution by converting Gantt charts to a Line of Balance (Flowline), addressing these limitations and enabling seamless scheduling for linear construction in infrastructure work.

Infrastructure projects can benefit from linear scheduling

While CPM has been used on countless projects, it has yet to be found sufficient when scheduling linear tasks. Linear projects are those that have repetitive activities.

Infrastructure work such as road projects, tunnels, and pipelines are physically linear projects with repeated operations at each station. High-rise buildings have the same activities occurring on each floor.

The inability of CPM to accurately model the repetitive nature of linear construction includes the following:

  • The arbitrary division of repetitive activities from location to location
  • The inability to schedule the  continuity of resources
  • The large number of activities necessary to represent a repetitive or linear project in a CPM schedule
  • Activity rates of progress not indicated
  • A CPM schedule not accurately reflecting actual conditions
  • A CPM schedule does not provide any information on where the work is currently being performed on the project site.

Tactplan provides a solution to address the challenges encountered in CPM scheduling. Using Tactplan, you can transform your Gantt chart into a Line of Balance (Flowline). With the implementation of Tactplan, there is no need to disrupt continuous or repetitive activities arbitrarily. It ensures the seamless continuity of resources, allowing for easy determination of the work-in-progress location on any given day based on the schedule.

Harness the Potential of Location Based Scheduling with Tactplan

Tactplan presents a breakthrough solution to the limitations of CPM scheduling, allowing you to seamlessly convert your Gantt Schedule to a Line of Balance (Flowline). With Tactplan, say goodbye to arbitrary interruptions in continuous or repetitive activities, as resource continuity is maintained, and the progress location on any given day is easily discerned from the schedule. Embrace the immense potential of Location-Based Scheduling and unlock heightened efficiency, cost savings, environmental sustainability, and proactive issue identification. Take the crucial first step towards success by integrating Location-Based Scheduling into your projects today while our dedicated team stands ready to support your success.

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