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Most owners can recognize the fact that planning and scheduling construction projects is challenging, and delays are the norm. Studies show that construction schedules are exceeded by an average of 17%. But despite that trend, your traditional consultants or contractors continues to recommend and choose to use traditional management tools like Gantt. These consultants or contractors often fail to hoist the red flag and draw attention to consequential deviations before it is too late.

Planning with traditional schedules often results in poor utilization of the entire construction site. Some areas are deserted, while other areas are overcrowded with contractors getting in each other’s way. The consequence is time waisted and delayed delivery.

Location-based scheduling is a visual method that gives you a far better overview of your schedule than traditional methods. Delays, colliding activities, and other scheduling challenges will emerge early on, and can anticipate serious problems down the road, long before they occur. This gives you time to take constructive discussions with the contractor about order, flow in activities, staffing, productivity, follow-up, and progress in the construction.

With the Location-based scheduling method, you get equipped with a detailed overview, enabling you to make wise decisions and ensure that the tasks regarding your project will be solved in the most efficient order.

With Tactplan, you can put yourself in charge of the scheduling and project management, or you can use it as an efficient risk analysis tool to foresee the challenges your contractors will face long before they happen in reality.

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