Owners in Construction 

Location Based Scheduling gives a better overview, saves owners time and money

Owners in construction

Efficient Construction Scheduling with Location Based Approach

Owners often need help planning and scheduling construction projects, with delays being common. Studies indicate that construction schedules are typically exceeded by around 17%. However, many traditional consultants and contractors still prefer using tools like Gantt charts, even though they may not effectively identify and address deviations promptly.

Using traditional schedules often leads to inefficient use of the construction site. Some areas remain empty while others become overcrowded, causing delays and wasted time.

Tactplan gives you the significant advantages of using location-based scheduling in construction projects. It helps you visualize projects better, allocate resources effectively, and manage risks proactively. Adopting this innovative approach can revolutionize your project planning, scheduling, and execution. Prepare to unleash the power of location-based scheduling and experience improved efficiency, productivity, and successful project delivery. These benefits contribute to streamlined project execution, reduced delays, improved cost control, and successful project delivery:


Improved coordination: Visualize project dependencies and minimize conflicts for seamless coordination between trades and subcontractors.


Optimal resource utilization: Track and allocate resources effectively to maximize productivity and minimize idle time.



Early risk detection:
Identify potential risks and issues early, enabling proactive risk management and timely mitigation strategies.


Enhanced stakeholder communication:
Facilitate clear and concise communication among project stakeholders for effective collaboration and decision-making.

Unlocking the Power of Location-based Scheduling for Construction Projects

Location-based scheduling is a visual method that gives you a far better overview of your schedule than traditional methods. Delays, colliding activities, and other scheduling challenges will emerge early on, and can anticipate severe problems down the road long before they occur. This gives you time to take constructive discussions with the contractor about order, flow in activities, staffing, productivity, follow-up, and progress in the construction.

With the Location-based scheduling method, you get equipped with a detailed overview, enabling you to make wise decisions and ensure that the tasks regarding your project will be solved in the most efficient order.

With Tactplan, you can put yourself in charge of the scheduling and project management or use it as an efficient risk analysis tool to foresee the challenges your contractors will face long before they happen in reality.

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