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If you are an architect or an engineer in the role of construction management, and responsible for the time schedule, Location-based scheduling gives you a much better overview of progress and issues than the traditional Gantt chart. The method is visual, and the consequences of a delay, and a solution of how to mitigate them, is very easy to identify. A complex time schedule will fit on a single page only.

If you are the one responsible for scheduling on site, you will be able to provide both the contractors, and your client – with a simple and optimized time schedule, including the best possible flow between disciplines and tasks, and a minimum number of risks. Any planning flaws/errors will appear visually and will be easy to identify and eliminate.

This method is proven to reduce conflicts and promotes a good and healthy work environment on-site. If the contractors have a request or a claim, it is very easy to visualize and communicate the consequences of a subcontractor’s delay etc. When coordinating on site, most construction managers have heard from a delayed contractor: “Yes, we are delayed, but we will make it, don’t worry”. With this method it is easy to check whether this is a realistic statement or not.

The method will show you historic data – e.g. progression rate of this particular contractor. Is a higher progression rate with the same number of workers realistic? Furthermore, you can, in real time at the coordination meeting, make a projection of the time schedule. You will be able to visualize the effects of this delay, which will act as a visualization of the consequence for the subsequent activities.

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